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Physiology & Pathophysiology

Expertise in Medical Physiology bolsters our offer to solve your related business or research issues. Our expertise includes normal human Physiology and Pathophysiology. Our aim is to improve your business and research performance


A background in areas as diverse as Biomembranes, Nucleic Acids, Bioenergetics, Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Bioelectromagnetics, and  Heart Rate Variability provides us the experience and knowledge to bring unique, insights and solutions to your enterprise.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

With more than 50 years of Commercial and  University based research and teaching in Molecular Biology, General and Medical Biochemistry we have the knowledge and tools to support your business and research needs.

biomedical & Big DATA ANALytics

Using modern statistics and cutting edge machine based technology we  can uncover and help you understand key business or research data trends and solutions to issues that remain buried in your archived datasets.

WE CAN help you with our expertise in:

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Physiology & Pathophysiology

Molecular biology